Outlander Wedding Pin

Outlander Wedding Pin

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PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT - I only have a limited amount of these pins left and will not have any more for replacements if packages are lost or you give the incorrect address at checkout.

This pin, featuring a scene from The Wedding episode of Outlander, is BIG, coming in at 90mm wide. It feature numerous special effects, including pearl powder enamel, glitter enamel, copious amounts of screenprinting, and gradient screenprinting (for the perfect candle glow).

You have the option of choosing either an "A Grade" pin or a "B Grade" pin. 

"A Grade" means no detectable flaws or imperfections and are $50 USD.

"B Grade" means very subtle imperfections. This could mean a scuff, a pinprick of color in a place it shouldn't be, a light scratch, etc. I am very picky about my grading, so most of these pins will be essentially perfect on first glance and for the most part you will really have to look hard to find the "flaw". "B Grade" pins are available at a discount and are $45 USD

There will be no refunds or returns on this item.

Pins will come on a custom postcard signed by me.