Hello there, I'm Erica aka the One-Woman Show behind Brio + Brandish (with some help from my long-suffering husband of course)!

Why the name Brio + Brandish? 'Brio' means vivacity and enthusiasm (as in our collective vivacious enthusiasm for books), and 'Brandish' means to wield, as in a sword or pen or wand or what have you, much like the authors and characters of our favorite books do :)

As an artist and illustrator, I wanted to share my love for books with the world in the form of high-quality enamel pins, stickers, jewelry, keychains, and more. I love the way a story can pull you into its world, capture your heart, and leave you musing on it for days, months, and years. I love repping my favorite books, authors, and characters, and now you can too!

If you have a custom design request, want to collaborate for a subscription box, have a suggestion for a new pin or product you'd like to see, or just want to talk books, feel free to connect with me on Instagram @brioandbrandish or email me at brioandbrandish@gmail.com!